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The Feature Mopar's this month is a 1950 Dodge Coronet. Mark has a story to tell, Many years ago around 1999, I helped my buddy Chuck to keep his 1950 Dodge Coronet up and running as he was willed the car from his father in law who was the original owner, so from time to time I went to Chucks house and got it running for him every 2 years or so, so in 2006 was the last time I had it running for him and told him to keep it running, I never charged him for the mechanical work I did just a sandwich and a coke I was happy to drive to North Las Vegas to help him out as he is pushing 80 years old now.

I fell in love with this car from the get go, and told Chuck if he ever sells it I want first crack at it so in May 2012 he called me and told me he bought a 1956 Ford pick up truck with a chevy 502 engine and lots of horse power to boot, I told him he was a crazy ass to buy that much power at his age...lol, so he said do you want to buy the '50 Dodge or what Dam It, I said YES how much do you want he said for you for helping me out for all those years, even thou he had an offer of $7,500.00 I could have it for $700.00 because he needed the room in the garage for the pick up, so me and my buddy went to his house and towed it away.

Chuck thought the starter was stuck because the started would clunk when the key was turned, after I removed the starter and turn the engine over with a ratchet and a socket, I could not turn the engine over, it was the original 230 flathead straight six and since Chuck didn't keep her started the engine seized up, so I removed the head and found 4 of the 6 cylinders filled with WATER and tried everything from trans fluid to WD40 to rust remover and no way would it break loose so I used an air chisel to break out the center of the pistons and the block broke so easy around the piston it was like a bad dream, so I hunted down another flathead 6 and found one from a 1939 Dodge that had only 500 miles on it since its rebuild, the man I bought from was selling every thing he could because his wife was stricken with cancer, he said I could have it for $550.00 and some other things he threw in to the sale. So I removed the seized engine and put it the rebuilt one and the Gyromatic trans would not mount to the block because the fly wheel was recessed on the 1939 engine, so shit I said so I has to find a 3 speed manual trans for my 3 on the tree shifter the car had and found one from a 1949 Plymouth coupe and it was a marriage in heaven engine runs so smooth and quiet and looks the same as the one that was in there, I had to use the head from the '50 engine because of the gas pedal and other linkages and you can't tell, i'm into original cars as much as possible so I did my best to keep this one at least looking like original, the interior and headliner is still all original, so one day we buffed out the paint job from 1970 and it looked almost new again after 6 hours with a buffer, have to love the lead paint and so now all I have left to this day is to do the brake system with new wheel cylinders, master cylinder all brake hoses and shift linkage and have a longer drive shaft made as the manual trans is 11 inches shorter than the gyromatic .

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The Mopar Feature for September is a member that owns one of the early Dodge's that are not seen at many car shows any more. You have to read the members story over in the FEATURE VEHICLE column. It's a 1950 Dodge Coronet. Click on the Dodge to view some photos.

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