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The Feature Mopar's this month are a his and her love affair of some cool Mopars! Rusty owns the white Hellcat. Alisa owns the black Scat Pack R/T Challenger. Here is Rusty's story: My car is a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, bright white exterior, black leather interior, 8 spd auto, born on January 22, 2015, #2154 of approximately 2300 produced so far. 0-60 in 3.5 (est.), 707 HP (est.) and 650 ft/lb. of torque!!! Burnouts on demand and only limited by the willingness to replace tires at 1100 miles!!!!! Alisa first planted the seed of a Hellcat months ago because she was looking for a new car and loved the Challenger. So after listening to her, test driving them with her, and multiple trips to the dealer, she decided on the Scat Pack because the Hellcat was so hard to get and so pricey. Well, I jokingly said, "If you're not gonna get one then I will"! And here we are. The car was initially ordered as a graduation present to me for successfully completing my master's degree. Being a dumb old redneck from the south, this is a significant achievement. The car was originally ordered on January 17th 2015 as a 6 speed manual car, the same night at the same time I ordered this one Alisa was supposed to order her 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, black on black with the 6 speed as well. She ended up buying hers off the lot that night and I ordered mine. After driving hers a couple of times, I was re-thinking the whole 6 speed, simply due to the power of the Hellcat. Her car was a handful to drive, albeit extremely fun, with 485 HP, I thought I may need two hands on the steering wheel with over 700 HP so was considering changing the order. Not to mention the automatic car is about 3 tenths quicker in the quarter mile at 10.8 vs 11.1 for a manual transmission car. We went about two months of the factory "not picking up my order" or issuing a VIN to my car, due to excessive backlog, and rumors were starting to fly in the Challenger community about the factory suspending orders due to "unscrupulous dealers taking deposits for orders they could never hope to deliver". I called the dealer and requested a refund of my deposit. I had actually found another Hellcat exactly like the car I had ordered at a dealer in Altlanta Ga., made a deposit over the phone and was going to fly in to buy it. Once my local dealer realized they were going to have to refund the deposit, they actually found me my exact car with an automatic transmission and I took delivery on 13 March 2015. The car is everything they say it is. Enormously powerful, fast and comfortable. I've never been a two door guy, I like to be comfortable when I drive and ride, so a Corvette, or Camaro, or Mustang was just not for me. I love old muscle cars, especially Dodges because not everyone owns one, you don't see them on every street corner. The hellcat has a lot of the nostalgia effect of an old school muscle car, loud, a lopey idle, big, and just kind of obnoxious. It feels like a muscle car. It doesn't feel like a cliché, ie. mid-life crisis car!!!! For all of the muscle car purists out ther, I get it. However, if you had the chance back in the late 60’s or early 70’s to go to your local dealer and by a loaded, super fast GTX, or Hemi Cuda straight from the factory you’d do it right??? Well this is the same thing only about 20 times more pricey!!! The idea of buying the fastest production car ever made by an American manufacturer was just too good to pass up. When I finally wrote the check for the deposit, I texted my 26 yr old daughter and apologized for spending her inheritance and wedding fund, she texted me back with a picture of a Hellcat doing a burnout and said, “here’s my inheritance”!

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The club's Feature Mopar's for April are a 2015 Challenger Hellcat, and a 2015 Challenger R/T Scat Pack. It's a his and her affair this month.

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